World Cancer Day February 4th: Dismiss the Myths

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Blog, Cancer Awareness

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding cancer and one of them is that ‘talking about it doesn’t make that much of a difference’. It DOES. This year, World Cancer Day is about raising your voice and improving cancer knowledge and awareness.

Busting the Myths


Showing Your Support

If you haven’t already decided how to be involved in the event, here are some last minute ideas you can use to make a difference.

Social Media
Educate and engage your network by sharing information and messages that support World Cancer Day.

Share World Cancer Day Posters and Postcards
You can help promote the campaign by sharing posters and postcards with your friends and family in person or online.

Upload an article to your blog
Do you or your company have a blog? Why not support the day by using your blog as a tool to share key messages, posters and information about the day? There is plenty to write about and it will only take you 30 minutes or so to share it with your audience.

Encourage your partner to get checked
Cancer events create great opportunities to bring up this difficult topic with your partner. Prostate cancer and skin cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Australian men. When it comes to cancer survival the key is finding it early and getting the most suitable treatment. A problem many people encounter is that it can take a lot of nudging to convince your loved one to get checked and it can be difficult to raise the topic. The truth is, it is much more difficult if the cancer is caught too late. So take the opportunity to talk to your partner and encourage them to organise an appointment with their doctor today.

Hold a fundraising event
Holding a fundraising event doesn’t mean you have to get it all organised and completed today. You can simply take the initiative to start talking to people today and finding out who might be interested in donating to World Cancer Day, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia or Cancer Council Australia. Then you can kick off your fundraising event when you are ready.

So, what will you be doing today?