Our collection of videos, also accessible via our YouTube Channel, contains a number of explanatory pieces.  These medical video’s range from an introduction to Dr. Charles Chabert, through to the actual prostate procedures like Urolifts, as well as animated explanatory video’s.

An introduction to Dr. Charles Chabert

Prostate Cancer - Dr. Charles Chabert

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Enormous median lobe of the prostate

Resection of small bladder tumour

Endoscopic view of large bladder tumour

Kidney Stone

Pyeloplasty (short version)


UroLift implant in 98g prostate

UroLift implant procedure

UroLift implant animation

Laser lithotripsy for large bladder stone

Penile implant animation

Artifical urinary sphincter Animation

True Coagulation GreenLight Laser

GreenLight laser MoXy

GreenLight Laser Fiber Life

True coagulation GreenLight Laser

GreenLight Laser bladder neck vapor

David Hughes pelvic floor exercise

Dr. Charles Chabert – How to treat BPH+GreenLight

Dr. Charles Chabert – enlarged prostate

Dr. Charles Chabert – LRP & RALP

Dr. Charles Chabert – TRUS Biopsy

Video footage inside the kidney

Nerve sparing keyhole prostatectomy


Dr. Charles Chabert – PSA

UroLift Implant