Robotic Prostate Surgery FAQs



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Do men need to have radiotherapy after a robotic prostatectomy?

Radiotherapy is not routinely given following a robotic radical prostatectomy. There are certain circumstances where it maybe needed. In particular, this may be required, when more aggressive prostate cancer features are encountered. The features of each man’s disease...

What should a man do after a robotic radical prostatectomy?

The two most important things to do after a robotic prostatectomy are to drink lots of water and to do lots of walking in the first week in particular. This allows a man’s bowel function to recover quicker, encourages the blood flow and facilitates a quicker recovery.

How many incisions are made for a robotic prostatectomy?

6 small incisions are made to facilitate robotic prostate removal. There is always a risk with any type of keyhole surgery that conversion to an open operation maybe required, however at the time of writing this has never been required in Dr Chabert’s series.

Is there much pain after a robotic radical prostatectomy?

Is there much pain after a robotic radical prostatectomy? No, most men can be managed with simple tablets for pain relief. Men are usually discharged from hospital with an anti-inflammatory, paracetamol, stool softner and a stronger pain killing tablet to be taken if...

How active can a man be after a robotic prostatectomy?

After a robotic prostatectomy, i is critical to facilitate a rapid recovery that men do lots of walking after this type of surgery. Dr Chabert encourages men to walk at least 500 m the day after surgery and every day thereafter to walk at least 1 km until catheter...

Do men require a catheter after robotic prostatectomy?

Do men require a catheter after robotic prostatectomy? Yes all men have a small catheter inserted at the time of surgery. Men are discharged with this in place and provided education on how to manage this over the next week. Prior to removal at Dr Chabert’s office a...