GreenLight Laser Prostate Surgery FAQs



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Is a GreenLight laser prostatectomy better than a TURP operation?

Both procedures aim to achieve the same goal, namely to remove excess prostate tissue. The difference relates to the energy source used in both procedures. With GreenLight there is less risk of bleeding, less risk of requiring a blood transfusion and less risk of...

Who is GreenLift suitable for?

Who is GreenLift suitable for? Any man who has complicated LUTS related to an enlarged prostate is suitable for this treatment. This includes men who have recurrent urinary tract infections, bladder stones, recurrent prostate bleeding, chronic urinary retention with...

Are there different types of GreenLight laser?

The term GreenLight stems from the specific wavelength of the laser In this case it is 532nm. There are however, different consuls or delivery devices. The original system called the PV is no longer available. This was superseded by the HPS or High Powered System. The...

What is GreenLight laser used for?

GreenLight laser is used to treat men with bothersome urinary symptom related to an enlarged prostate. Although this treatment is relatively new to some areas it has been available in Australia since the start of the century.