GreenLight Laser Prostate Surgery FAQs



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Are there any side effects to GreenLight?

Most frequently men will experience blood within their urine for a few weeks afterwards. Stinging and burning for the first few days is also common. For men with significant bladder instability prior to the surgery, there is a likelihood that this will deteriorate...

What is Dr Chaberts experience with GreenLight?

Dr Chabert has been performing GreenLight since June 2008. Together with Dr David Kerle in Lismore they established the first rural laser program in Australia. Since that time Dr Chabert performed the first GrenLight procedure in Queensland in 2010 establishing a...

Will I get constipated after GreenLight laser prostate surgery?

Yes, it is possible to have sluggish bowel function for a few days after GreenLight laser prostate surgery. It is important to have a high fibre diet, remain well hydrated and if still experiencing sluggish bowels to take Movicol or other such product available from...