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  • How do I know if i have an enlarged prostate?

    Benign prostatic enlargement can present in several different ways. Initially men may notice that they experience a reduction in flow or pressure. This can be associated with an increase in daytime frequency and more night time visits to the toilet

  • Is there an alternative to surgery to treat urinary symptoms?

    Yes. Today there are several options to improve function and quality of life related to prostate enlargement. These include medications, UroLift or GreenLight laser prostatectomy. UroLift is another innovative treatment which allows significant improvements in urinary function without the need to remove tissue. This treatment option was commercially introduced to Australia in July of 2013 and involves the placement of a series of small staples into the prostate with a view to retract obstructing prostate tissue and result in improvements in urinary function with the added benefit of no sexual dysfunction.