Australian urologist, Dr. Charles Chabert, shares an overview about Prostate Cancer. He discusses the details of a prostate cancer dignosis, PSA, Gleason score as well as the clinical stages.

Healio The Prostate Clinic Australia ADT increase depression risk men prostate cancer 480x369 - ADT may increase depression risk among men with prostate cancer

Healio explains how ADT (androgen deprivation therapy) may increase depression risk among men with prostate cancer. “Men with prostate cancer who underwent androgen deprivation therapy with definitive radiation therapy demonstrated increased risk for depression and use of outpatient psychiatric services compared with men who received radiation therapy alone, according to study results published in Cancer….

Prostate drugs could raise diabetes risk The Prostate Clinic Australia Prostate Cancer 480x369 - Prostate drugs could raise diabetes risk

Nicholas Bakalar from the New York Times explains how two prostate drugs for the treatment of BPH may be tied to increased risk for T2D. “Two commonly used drugs for treating an enlarged prostate may increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes. Benign prostate hypertrophy, or B.P.H., may cause difficulty in urinating or increased frequency…

Bacon a day ups cancer risk The Prostate Clinic Gold Coast 480x369 - A rasher of bacon a day 'ups cancer risk'

Latest evidence from Oxford University looking at the link between red meat and bowel cancer risk….. “Even small amounts of red and processed meat – such as a rasher of bacon a day – can increase the risk of bowel cancer, according to research. The latest study led by Oxford University and funded by Cancer…

The way that we have managed and evaluated or abnormal PSA or prostatic specific antigen test has changed significantly over the last few years. The PSA test is the blood test in essence to assess the health of the prostate. Part of the issue that we have had with the test is that although it…

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